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Temperature Controlled Packaging with
a Purpose.

Mediline works with customers across the globe to deliver proven and reliable temperature-controlled packaging solutions for their cold chain logistics. Helping to deliver vaccines and other life science products safely and securely to the people who depend on them is our purpose.


Mediline designs and manufactures certified shippers for the Life Science Industry. Our shippers are engineered to manage the temperature of sensitive products in non-temperature-controlled environments during transportation using passive mechanical systems.


Proprietary Technology

From pallet sized shippers to last mile boxes, our puzzle box design and phase change materials allow us to extend performance, reduce waste and streamline our customer’s shipping programs.

Design and Engineering

Our engineering team helps customers comply with regulatory specifications and achieve goals - even difficult shipping challenges with custom solutions.


We control the critical aspects of the manufacturing process to assure optimum quality and performance. 

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Testing and Analytics

From new designs to legacy products, all our shippers undergo rigorous scientific trials to assure performance in the field.  Information is shared with our customers through a collaborative working relationship.






Business Office:
Mediline Isothermal Solutions, LLC
PO Box 143
Newtown, PA 18940


Manufacturing & Distribution:
Mediline Isothermal Solutions, LLC
1152 SE Gateway Drive
Grimes, IA 50111


Sales: 617-956-2135 ext 104

Office: 617-229-6550 ext 104

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